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Driv-Lok, Inc., is a world leader in the manufacture of press-fit fasteners and world-class hydraulics products. Our company covers these two divisions, combining our expertise to produce tight-tolerance metal components for all of our customers. We are dedicated to continually updating our facilities with the latest equipment for better product quality and more efficient production.



Design engineers and preferred distributors choose DRIV-LOK as the preferred brand for a wide range of press-fit fasteners and joining components to build products providing dynamic, profitable growth. Our Enginomics service provides our customers with standard and custom fastening solutions to suit their unique needs.

Dowel Pins

Driv-Lok is a trusted source of standard and custom precision dowel pins for a wide range of press-fit assemblies.

Alignment Dowels

We produce alignment hollow dowels, an excellent and cost-effective fastener that can be auto-inserted for efficient assembly.

Grooved Pins & Studs

We offer the shortest lead times on custom grooved pins and studs for assemblies that require a robust locking force.

Ferrol & Barb Pins & Studs

Our Ferrol and Barb pins and studs are a trusted alternative to conventional screws, barbed nails, and other traditional fasteners.

Knurl Pins & Studs

Driv-Lok manufactures knurl pins for die casting and plastic assembly applications where materials are softer or the assembly includes thin cross sections.

Roll Pins & Studs

In addition to our many other products, we offer Slotted & Coiled Spring pins, economical and universally applicable shear-type fasteners.

Hydraulic Components

Hanel, a division of Driv-Lok, has been providing premium-quality precision machining of hydraulics equipment for over 50 years. Using cutting-edge technology and rigorous quality management, we produce tight-tolerance products right here in the US at competitive prices. Just bring us your design specifications for any of the products below, and we will manufacture them.


We manufacture high-performance hydraulic spool valves for smooth control and dependability on a range of hydraulic systems.


Driv-Lok produces precision-engineered hydraulic manifolds for optimal fluid distribution and control.

Cartridge Bodies

Our hydraulic cartridge valves are the perfect solution for compact and efficient fluid control in hydraulic systems.

See the real ways that Driv-Lok has provided solutions for our customers.

Over the past several decades, Driv-Lok has served many different partners across several industries and markets. Learn more about the ways we’ve served our customers!