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Industrial Fasteners

With well over eight decades of experience in fastening solutions and strategies, Driv-Lok is well-established as a leader in fastener solutions for industrial equipment and assemblies. With six families of pins and fasteners, we have endless combinations of strategic fastening solutions for our customers. 

Industrial manufacturing processes require careful planning to ensure safety, quality, and efficiency throughout. Equipment and materials used in industrial manufacturing are often produced in large quantities, so even minor product and assembly design errors can result in high customer costs. Good fastening solutions play a vital role in the manufacturing and assembly of industrial products. Every process presents unique challenges and fastening constraints, so employing the correct solution will save time and money while improving product performance.


Industrial Equipment Concerns

Industrial equipment can be characterized as any product or mechanism involved in industrial production. Hundreds of industries rely on many forms of industrial equipment for a range of processes. Major industries like farming, mining, and construction employ vehicles, machinery, and materials to complete key tasks. 

Like any other equipment, the manufacturing of industrial machinery must be streamlined and perfected to be successful and effective. This equipment can often be incredibly complex, featuring moving parts, many different electronic features, and a combination of varying materials. Industrial fasteners are tiny pieces of a larger whole, but they are integral in the form and function of the final product.

In addition to cost concerns and product performance, safety is a major issue in the use and manufacturing of industrial equipment. Industrial fasteners and locking mechanisms require expert fitting to guarantee the safety of the end product and its assembly.

Choose the Right Fastener for the Job

Choosing the right industrial fasteners for a particular application will increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve manufacturing processes. Implementing the correct pin, groove, or stud into a product’s assembly can vastly improve the speed at which the product is produced while improving the performance of the finished product.

Industrial manufacturers constantly try to improve processes, and seemingly minor adjustments can yield major savings and benefits over time. With varying sizes, configurations, and materials available, industrial fasteners can be designed to address unique fastening requirements specifically.


The Driv-Lok Difference

Driv-Lok has been manufacturing industrial fasteners for some of the industry’s biggest players for over half a century. Our Enginomics experts thrive on efficiency, and our goal is to produce the perfect fastening solution for any task. Even the most complex situations can be resolved by our team of experts, who will completely customize a wide range of pins, studs, dowels, and more to meet any fastening challenge. 

See why top manufacturers choose DRIV-LOK as the preferred brand for press-fit fastening and joining components to build products providing dynamic, profitable growth.