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Total Cost Calculation

EngiNomics® evaluates costs based on four main things: Safety, Performance, Production and Quality. Examining these four key areas, we help manufacturers, product designers, and engineers optimize their results and costs.


When life is on the line, our customers demand DRIV-LOK fasteners. 

Makers of fire hydrants, military personnel carriers, brain surgery drills, and seat belts all count on DRIV-LOK. 

Medical and healthcare equipment often requires complicated custom solutions that we help support.


Products that perform better sell better. Today’s consumer has more options, awareness, and education in reviewing product performance and more opportunities to broadcast dissatisfaction through product reviews. There has also been a push for working with American companies rather than outsourcing their projects to off-shore companies, which have less guarantee for quality and optimal performance.

Some of the world’s largest, most well-known manufacturers rely on DRIV-LOK to promote and improve product performance. Our standard and custom-designed parts are the most reliable in the industry. Whether by identifying the optimal ready-made fastener or by designing a customized fastening solution, DRIV-LOK helps manufacturers boost results with the right fastening choices.


Manufacturers have invested millions in optimizing production lines. However, these gains can quickly be lost when a low-cost part unexpectedly requires more assembly time or resources. Many manufacturers have had the painful experience of obtaining low-cost parts only to find they are inaccurate or difficult to assemble. They often find themselves choosing between the costs of returning and reordering the part or risking liability and sales costs as a result of product performance issues. 

Tested processes and documented success are two imperatives for ensuring a smooth production process. DRIV-LOK has produced over four billion pins without once causing a customer’s line to go down.


DRIV-LOK is proud to be a made-in-the-USA manufacturer; this pride of workmanship is clear in every product we make. Our U.S.-based manufacturing ensures tighter quality controls, onsite monitoring, and expedient resolution should product or assembly issues arise. 

Recognizing the immense industry pressure on turnaround times, DRIV-LOK delivers this quality control without sacrificing speed or delivery.