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EngiNomics ™

Cost Savings through Quality Fastening

Throughout our experience in supplying fastening solutions over the past decades, we found that we could use our experience to help distributors and OEMs unlock solutions that would meet their operational and financial needs. 

Driv-Lok’s EngiNomics system helps manufacturers, product designers, and engineers optimize the results of their product designs by examining fastening options in four key areas: product safety and reliability, product performance, production process, and quality assurance. 

What is EngiNomics?

EngiNomics® is DRIV-LOK’s systematic approach to saving you time and money while maintaining or enhancing your end product’s design integrity and performance. This approach examines fastening design, production, and assembly to reduce and enhance end-product quality and performance. It has reduced our customers’ costs by more than $750,000 in one year alone.

How can it help you?

More than almost any other industry, manufacturing is driven by cost. Driv-Lok engineers have the most comprehensive understanding of press-fit assembly alternatives to identify and provide our OEM and VMI distributor customers with the most economical solutions for their unique needs. Through our commitment to quality, innovation, and service, Driv-Lok stands alone as the leader in fastening solutions and strategies, helping companies repeatedly succeed with Smarter Fastening Through EngiNomics®.

Our customers have seen many benefits, including:

  • High-cost savings
  • Assembly improvements
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Higher product quality
  • Improved production efficiency
  • Improved product performance

How it works

Our team will work with your engineers to examine four key areas:

  • Product Safety and Reliability: Unforeseen product safety issues can result in unimaginable liability costs for manufacturers. 
  • Product Performance: Finding the right standard fastener or developing a custom fastener is vital for product performance. 
  • Production Process: The production process itself depends on fastening products–even a low-cost part can become unexpectedly expensive when it suddenly requires more assembly time, maintenance, or resources. 

Quality Assurance: Our U.S.-based manufacturing provides tighter quality controls, on-site monitoring, and expedient resolutions. We deliver superior quality control without sacrificing speed or delivery–ensuring that our customers have the competitive edge.

To schedule a free consultation about strategic fastening solutions for your needs, contact DRIV-LOK here.